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High Temperature PET Mylar Tape

         PET Mylar Tape is made of soft polyester film base, single sided coated with high temperature resistant acrylic adhesive.

-It can resistance 130℃.It is widely used for Insulation for transformer,motor,capacitor's electronic components.

         Color: red | yellow | blue | white | green | transparent | light yellow | black | Customes'request

        Thickness(mm):   0.06mm | 0.08mm | Customized

         Width: 5mm |10mm | 15mm | 20mm | 50mm |1027mm Max | Can be customized within 1-1027mm

         Length: 33m | 50m | 66m | 100m | Customized

-The size(Thickness*Width*Length)can be customized to meet our customers' specific requirements.

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1.Product Description

-PET Mylar Tape is made of soft polyester film base, single sided coated with high temperature resistant acrylic adhesive.

-It can resistance130℃.Used for insulation and fixation of transformers, motors, capacitors and other electrical and electronic components.

-PET Mylar Tape also called Mylar Acrylic Tape/Transformer Tape/Motor Tape.

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*High temperature resistant  

*Resistance to high pressure  

*Easy to tear, no residual glue  

*Good insulation properties

*Wear resistance, tensile resistance and deformation resistance  

*Strong adhesion, good adhesion  

*Flame retardant  

*Resistance to chemicals, chemicals and moisture  


*Suitable for transformer, capacitor, relay, voltage regulator, motor and other kinds of motor, electronic components of the insulation fixed.

*Motor stator coil covering, motor coil fixing, power transformer coil wrapping and outer insulation.

*In the process of circuit board immersion, it covers the part of gold finger to prevent plating solution immersion and pollution, and protects the circuit board. The periphery is straight, easy to tear up, leaving no residual glue.

*Lithium battery insulation protection wrap.

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6.Packing and shipping


7.Establish business contacts  

-We are professional manufacturer from china.More than 20 sets of advanced production equipment for adhesive products, and can provide jumbo roll, logo roll, finished roll, split layer covering, die cutting and punching products according to customer demand. 

-If you are interested in our tape and need technical specification data,please contract us!We welcome business contracts.

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