• Polyester Silicone Tape

Polyester Silicone Tape

  • - Total Thickness(mm): 0.05mm | 0.06mm | 0.08mm | 0.1mm | Custom

    - Width: Cut from 1mm to 1070mm | Custom

    - Length: 33m | 66m | Custom

    - Color: Green | Various

    - Core Diameter: 76mm | Custom

    - Sample: Free-offer

Product Description                  

Green PET Masking Tape are made from polyester film with single side coated silicone adhesive, it has been used in applications at temperatures as low as -73°C (-99°F) and as high as 204°C (400°F) and not leave color.

Prodcuct Specifications            

Product No:Base Material:Adhesive:Total Thickness:Temperature:
7Z-3850P38mic Polyester Film12mic Silicone Glue50microns180°C
7Z-3855P38mic Polyester Film17mic Silicone Glue55microns180°C
7Z-3860P38mic Polyester Film22mic Silicone Glue60microns180°C
7Z-5080P50mic Polyester Film30mic Silicone Glue80microns180°C
7Z-6080P60mic Polyester Film20mic Silicone Glue80microns180°C
7Z-50100P50mic Polyester Film50mic Silicone Glue100microns180°C
7Z-75100P75mic Polyester Film25mic Silicone Glue100microns180°C
Custom sizes are available upon request.

Product Features                    

*A wide temperature range as low as -73°C (-99°F) and as high as 204°C (400°F)

*Clean removal, no residues


*High strength backing resistant to puncture and tear

*Flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant

Product Applications              

*Epoxy Resin Molding




*High temperature powder coating

*Wave soldering during circuit board assembly

*Heat transfer for subulimation

*High temperature for PCB board protection

*Heat resistant for 3D printing

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