• Colored Duct Tape

Colored Duct Tape

  • - Total Thickness(mm): 0.22mm | Custom

    - Width: Cut from 1mm to 1020mm | Custom

    - Length: 10m | Custom

    - Color: Various

    - Core Diameter: 76mm | Custom

    - Sample: Free-offer

Product Description         

Colored Duct Tape is a functional adhesive tape made of gauze coated with hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive after being sprayed and released.

Prodcuct Specifications   

Product No:Color:Total Thickness:Adhesion to Steel:
Please Note:The size(Thickness*Width*Length)are available upon request.

Product Features             

*Aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive for great holding power, create a secure and immediately bond

*Great stretch and conformability to hold tightly around corners, bends and curves

*Tears vertically and horizontally for versatile application at home or on the construction site

*This duct tape is great for patching, taping cords, reinforcing, tabbing, light duty bundling, capping pipe, marking, labeling, temporary repairs and more

Why Choose Our Company    

-First of all, we are a professional manufacturer, with 16 years of production experience, has a huge advantage in price and quality.

-Secondly, we have a large number of customers and fast transportation channels to ensure the timeliness of customers receiving goods.

-Finally, we can provide quality assurance services for each customer, if there is a quality problem, free return.

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